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Overview of internet marketing

Summary and overview of the major website promotion tools available

The virtual world of internet is huge beyond conprehension. There are thousands of people visiting the net every day and there are millions of web pages trying to draw their attention.
Success on the Internet doesn't happen by accident, and it most ofter doesn't come from traditional search engine. Remember it is not logical to build a business that relies on a single marketing tool over which you have little if any control.

Relevancy Search Engine Strategy
This strategy required designing titles, descriptions and page text that are keyword rich, making sure to focus on the best keywords. Optimize every single page of your site as google will index every page on your website. You should submit to the relevancy search engines yourself manually, and then check back about quarterly to make sure you are listed in each engine.

Live Directories
A Web search engine that catalogs Web sites by subject and also manually indexes the site, providing a brief description of its content.

Bid Ranked Search Engine
It is different from Relevancy Search Engine as you can precisely control the bid ranked engines. Bid ranked search engines are pay-per-click advertising tools where you pay exactly what you want to pay for traffic.

Online Auction
Online auction sites like eBay, Yahoo Auction are a fantastic way to directly promote your products to one of the best online communities of shoppers on the Web. One of the drawback is too lengthy.

Link Trading
Sometimes it is refer as link exchange. Expert believe trading reciprocal links with other websites will not only increase direct traffic to your sites, but it also helps your link popularity which can positively influence your search engine position. This strategy takes time and effort.

Joining Webrings is a great way to tap into the community that is interested in your subject matter. A webring is a collection of websites from around the Internet joined together in a basic ring fashion. Navigation between the sites is facilitated by a common component on all participating websites which present links to the previous and next site in the ring. By this, the visitor can eventually browse through the entire ring, ending up where he once started, hence its name.

Permission Marketing
Gather the email addresses of the visitors to your website (with their express permission), send them your periodic newsletter, product updates, and special offers, etc.

Vertical Portals
A Web site that provides news, articles and services to a particular industry such as IT, finance and retail. It is the industry-specific equivalent of the general purpose portal on the web. Also called a “vortal” Most vertical portals are free, and some offer paid advertising, but more importantly, they almost always have some great free resources to promote your website, like listings on their directory of industry resources, or in their vertical search engines, etc.

Per-Impression (CPI) Campaigns
Impression ads like banners, skyscrappers, buttons, pop-ups and pop-unders, are a good method of online-branding, because there is no better way to put your name in front of huge amounts of eyeball fast.

Banner Exchanges
You can get free banner advetising by joining a free banner exchange like,, or dozens of others. By giving up some advertising space on your site, you can get free banner advertising on someone else's site.

Newsletter Campaigns
There are some unbelievable bargains to be had on these resources, and click-through rates are much higher than banners. They are great tools and should not be neglected.

Newsletter Ad Swaps Trades
Once your permission marketing email list is built up to a reasonable level, you can easily trade ads with other newsletters that share your target audience, but who are not necessarily your direct competitors. This can give you a massive reach to your target audience on the Internet.

Additional Link Building techniques
These strategies are simply different ways to accomplish the same basic goal of getting large numbers of other websites on the Internet to link to your site. These strategies include but are not limited to: Contextual linking, Content Portals, Online Mall & Shopping Sites Campaign, Online Yellow Pages Campaign, Coupon Portals, Regional Portals, Message Board Strategies, Blog Comment Strategies, Guestbook Linking Strategies, e-Media Press Releases, and many others.

Affliate Programs
You can quickly and easily recruit hundreds or even thousands of websites that will promote your product or service, and link to you in return for a small percentage of every sales they send your way. In other words, you use an affiliate program to recruit a huge commissioned sales force of websites.

Comparison Shopping Portals
You pay only for the traffic you get, and the traffic from these portals usually generates a higher conversion rate than your other traffic.

Virall Marketing
A marketing approach that spreads like wildfire and has nothing to do with computer viruses. The term was coined by venture capital firm, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Menlo Park, CA ( after its investment in Hotmail grew dramatically. Hotmail automatically puts an advertisement at the end of everybody's e-mail message suggesting that they sign up for the free service. In a Year and a half, more than 12 million people became Hotmail users.

Leverage Marketing
Many of the strategies when used in combination with each other, make each other dramatically more powerful. There are literally hundreds of possible combinations of these effective marketing tools that can really ratchet up your marketing.

Traditional Media
You should always remember to include your URL in any and every form of traditional media that you would buy anyway. Your business cards and brochures, telephone book ads, direct mail, TV, radio, etc.

Geo-Targeting Strategies
Most of people think Internet is a global thing. Wrong. Any Business owner not using a website to promote a local or regional business is making a huge mistake. Why should you care where your users are outside cyberspace? Because even though a growing number of people buy online, much of what people do in their day-to-day lives occurs locally. Advertising anything that doesn't require a national focus – regional services such as store locations and locally focused pricing – has been tough online. It's an audience increasingly more of us need to reach.

Amazon Marketplace Strategies
Did you know allows just about anybody to sell just about anything on their site? Once you know how to do it correctly, you can get your products to show up in Amazon's regular store/search listings.

Content Driven Marketing Strategies
It's often hard to get your home page to score high since it is the general entrance to your entire website content. The best strategy is to write a series of focused content pages, each of which features a particular topic and keyword or keyphrase. These pages aren't general, but very specific. Deep-indexing search engines scan every page on your site fore keywords.

Website Optimization & Merchandizing Strategies
If you could improve the conversion rate, average order size, and price you can get more orders and larger orders at a higher margin without and increase in traffic.

In Summary
There are many different ways to generate quality traffic to one's storefront, but given the dynamic nature of the Internet the “how to” is constantly changing. In addition, new traffic-generating methods and techniques become available which are frequently more effective than older ones.


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